0861STEAMWASH – SEFAC FERRARI STEAM WASH – Durashine Technologies Steam Franchise

0861STEAMWASH is designed to be South Africa’s first totally mobile premium steam wash and valet service offering. Clients- will enjoy the highest standards of service and value by harnessing the cleaning, sanitising, disinfecting and deodorizing properties of high pressure steam vapour technology.

You call us and we come to you for all your cleaning needs.

0861STEAMWASH offers a totally mobile yet focused offering of premium steam wash and valet services, including:

Steam Car Wash
Steam Car Valets
Steam Cleaning Boats, Jet Ski’s…etc
Steam cleaning bathrooms, Toilets and Showers
Steam Cleaning Indoor and outdoor furniture
Steam Cleaning Kitchens and Sculleries
Steam Cleaning Homes and Offices
Steam Cleaning Kids jungle gyms and play areas

The key benefit of the offering is the mobility and convenience of the service because steam vapour technology uses very little water, chemicals are all eco-friendly and biodegradable, produces little or zero runoff so no drainage is needed therefore the surrounding environment is not affected at all.

Quick facts and figures about Steam Vapour Technology:

-0861STEAMWASH uses the Idromatic Astra Steamer Evo – the most powerful steamer in the world yet the safest
The system uses a maximum of 4 litres of water to wash an entire vehicle
-The system can be configured for 2 to 4 operators to work simultaneously
-It is the only car wash system in the world that can completely disinfect vehicle interiors
-Steam vapour can also sanitise vehicle ventilation and air conditioning systems
-Steam Vapour is safe on all modern vehicle interior and engine bay electronics
-Vehicle engines can be cleaned even while hot
-The Steam Vapour machine only uses 400w of 220v power and 1 litres of diesel per hour, per hose
-The system can be used as a mobile or fixed operation unit
-The machine has an onboard water reservoir as well as facilities to plug in permanent water feed
-The steam pressure is generated to a maximum of 10 bar
-Steam Vapour technology is chemical free and deep cleans vehicle surfaces



Email: Info@durashine.co.za