Are There Any Franchises you LIKE? (Or Own?)

We look at the franchises we like, and the franchises and businesses we all own. You’ll be shocked to learn the truth about the “best franchises!” EVER WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY FRANCHISES ACTUALLY MAKE?

There have been a few comments recently suggesting all we do is complain about franchises and asking if there are any franchises we like. Of course. Most of us own franchises, we all own businesses and we’ll look at those in a minute.
Our business model revolves around helping aspiring entrepreneurs identify and invest in the best franchise for their situation. We have helped candidates from all around the world, including investor groups from the Middle East, Immigration investors to domestic investor groups and first time entrepreneurs. We change the franchise buying process from guesswork to a science. And a lot involved in buying the right franchise revolves around education. The problem is most people THINK they know what franchises are good. They THINK they did all the research yet every single year literally hundreds of people lose their money and close the doors to their business. Many times that was their retirement savings they lost, these people worked entire lifetimes to put away this nest egg and now its gone. And they lost because they did not research effectively, didn’t have the tools available, or did not hear both sides of the story. So we are passionate about providing the other side of the story, and offering our free resources to people.
The best franchise is one that aligns perfectly with the persons individual needs, goals and skills, their local demographic, market demand, their business personality, are they good managing people, exit strategy, is this a long term investment or a quick flip? There are dozens of other criteria. yet most people put more money into buying a loaf of bread than a franchise. Our process, again – free to qualified buyers, was created and perfected over years and provides very sophisticated tools buyers can use to make their research more effective.
So yes, there are many franchises we like, we are not anti-business or anti franchise. There are lot of great opportunities available for any budget or background. We’ll continue to interview and review the world of franchising – but the main takeaway be sure you align your business goals and operational skills with your investment choice. Even the best franchise can fail with the wrong person owning it. Like and subscribe here is the link to our franchise opportunity playlist, here is the about us, and to learn more about our services click here. thank you for watching. ABOUT US OUR SERVICES TESTIMONIALS