Common Level 1 IT Issues (Desktop Support, Technical Support, IT Support)

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time codes:
0:00 intro
1:04 Outlook Not Getting or Receiving Emails
4:55 Mouse/Keyboard Not Working
6:36 Website Not Working
9:20 My Internet Not Working
12:04 I Need Access To Network Drive
15:13 The Printer Not Working
18:08 I Can’t Connect To PC Remotely
21:11 My Phone Won’t Turn On
22:51 My Audio Not Working
24:25 My Outlook/Word/Excel Is Not Responding
31:25 Common Outlook Issues with End Users
33:36 My Computer Is Slow
34:38 Common Adobe Acrobat Issues
36:19 Add Ins Not Working
37:53 This Website Cant Run Because It Requires Java or Adobe Flash
38:42 My Emails Are Not Working On My Phone
39:10 Monitor Not Working