European Wax Center IPO stock analysis (EWCZ) – Franchise operator of waxing services!

Today I will be analysing the company of European Wax Center, which if everything goes as planned it should be going public this upcoming Wednesday August 4th, 2021 in the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EWCZ. As always, my aim with this video will be to analyse the most relevant aspects about the company in my opinion based on the S1 filing, and afterwards, if you are interested in it you can go (and you should go) and do your own due diligence. Nevertheless, before I go into the analysis, let me quickly give you an overview of the topics that I will be covering today. First, I will start with a general introduction to the business and we will be looking at several statistics that will help us understand it better, followed by a quick look at the industry and competitors, then I will move into the financials, followed by the IPO price and valuation, and finally I will be giving my personal opinion on the company and my future plans with it.

European Wax Center S1 Filing:

Waxing the city:

Lunchbox Wax:

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