How to Build and Sell an 8-Figure Fitness Franchise

Jan Spaticchia knows the secrets to franchising success. His knowledge contains a recipe to the secret sauce everyone’s looking for to make not only their franchises, but their lives, deliberately successful.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has empowered millions of people to transform their lives through engagement with one of his fitness franchise brands. He is also the Chair of the énergie Group, Vice Chair of BMF, Co-Founder, and NED at Hedgehog Concept and Visivo Pro with a growing investment portfolio across wellness and technology.

What makes a franchise thrive for the long haul? On this week’s Escape Your Limits podcast, Jan talks about his entrepreneurial journey and reveals how he built, sold, and bought back an 8-figure fitness franchise.

It was a great discussion and he’s here to share some incredible insights about what it takes to rock the fitness franchise game.


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