Intro to IT | Google IT Support Certificate

Information Technology, or IT, is the field dedicated to using, maintaining, and improving computer systems in the workplace. The variety of jobs in this field is immense; from network engineers who ensure computers can communicate with each other, to hardware technicians who replace and repair components, to desktop support personnel who make sure end-users can use their software properly.

0:00 Intro to IT Support
4:40 What Does an IT Support Specialist Do?
7:03 Course Introduction
9:03 History of Computing: From Abacus to Analytical Engine
14:34 The Path to Modern Computers
25:15 Computer Language
28:20 Character Encoding
31:00 Binary
33:32 How to Count in Binary
36:17 Computer Architecture Layers: Abstraction
38:26 Computer Architecture Overview

This video is part of the Google IT Support Certificate, which introduces learners to troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, systems administration, and security. The program, created by Google employees in the field, is designed to provide you with job-ready skills in about 6 months to start or advance your career in IT.

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