Learn How to Franchise Your Business – Hossein Kasmai – Small Biz Expo 2016

Learn how to franchise your business successfully with Franchise Creator’s CEO, Hossein Kasmai, a well-recognized franchise industry expert with over 15 years of real world franchising experience. Mr. Kasmai has consulted with many of today’s most recognized franchise brands and has been responsible for their expansion globally. Additionally, he successfully built his own franchise system into over 150 locations in 11 countries in less than 5 years. Mr. Kasmai has been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine, INC Magazine, Franchise Times Magazine, The Miami Herald, De Moines Register, NBC News and CBS News, to name a few. He will address how you can determine if your business is franchisable, the risks and the rewards of franchising as well as the best practices in starting a franchise operation. If you’re a business owner and have thought of expanding your business, we invite you to join us at this workshop and learn how you can turn your business into a worldwide operation through franchising.