Los Angeles Managed IT Services – Consider e-mail archiving for your business

IT Security and Productivity tip from Los Angeles Managed IT Services Be Structured Technology Group. This video explains an IT solution for small and medium sized business: e-mail archiving or message archiving

Have you considered email archiving for your business? This inexpensive yet critical IT service can save you a lot of headache and money.

Email has become a critical piece of business throughout the world. Sensitive and important information is being transmitted over e-mail everyday. And in fact in most jurisdictions it’s considered permissible evidence in court, and a legally binding contract. But what a lot of companies don’t realize is that their email isn’t necessarily secure forever.

Unfortunately I have stories of clients that have had unscrupulous employees deleting emails and even though we have backups in place, backups aren’t retained forever. So eventually those deleted emails do disappear and they’re not recoverable. And in those cases employees got away with stuff that they shouldn’t have. Email archiving – compliance-based email archiving – keeps those messages intact for 7-10 years and makes sure the emails are unalterable by the employee or anybody. They’re stronger evidence in court, and they protect your business. It’s also not very expensive.

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