Ranking the Nintendo Franchises

After a few months in production, we have finally completed what we are dubbing “The Ultimate Ranking”. This will be the most polarizing, controversial, and discussed video we have ever made. PLEASE keep in mind, this video is OUR OPINION. Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section, but do not start criticizing us and attacking us for our opinion.

Hello everyone and welcome back to Game Domain, and to the video that we have been wanting to make for a long time. On this channel, we have more than a few incredibly controversial videos – ones that make you guys yell at us in the comments, like our Ranking the Zelda Games Video, or our Ranking the Pokemon Games Video, or our Top 10 Nintendo Games of All-Time Video. But in comparison to the hate we got for those videos, this one is going to top all three of those combined – it’s going to be so controversial it will make you comment “Wind Walker” 15,000 times just like you all did on the Ranking the Zelda Games Video! And yes, as you can tell from the thumbnail and title, this video is going to be our ranking of the top 15 Nintendo Franchises. Yes…you heard that right. Hence why we are dubbing this video as the “Ultimate Ranking”, today we are diving into how the top 15 Nintendo franchises all stack up against each other. Now, everybody has their own opinion, and we are all entitled to our own opinion – which means that this video is completely OUR OPINION. Just because we disagree with your opinion doesn’t mean you have to flip out on us. This is just an opinion video, and one that we had a lot of fun putting together. Now let’s get into the criteria that these franchises had to meet in order to be considered:

In order to be considered for this Ultimate Ranking, a franchise had to have sold at least 5 million copies total worldwide. Just to put into perspective, there are approximately 25 Nintendo franchises who have reached this mark, and today we are going to be ranking 15 of them. These 15 franchises are what we have deemed as the best of the best when it comes to Nintendo’s domain of entities, and we are judging these games strictly on the greatness of their individual titles. This list has nothing to do with popularity, impact on pop culture, fandom, or merchandising, but rather strictly on the individual greatness of the games in a respective franchise. And before we get into the real list, we’re just going to list off a few honorable mentions. Here are some honorable mentions that just missed out on being on the list: Game & Watch, Wario, and F-Zero. Now there are also a few great Nintendo franchises that would have competed for spots on the list if they had more than 5 million copies sold. These franchises are: Kid Icarus, Earthbound, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Chibi Robo. All of these franchises that we listed as honorable mentions are fantastic series that have impacted the lives of millions of Nintendo fans, but they just either didn’t make the criteria for the list or just didn’t deserve to be in the top 15 in our opinion. So with that being said, let’s get into the ranking – the ULTIMATE Ranking.

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