Romanian Franchise Association

Romanian Franchise Association (ARF) is a NOG estd. in 2006 in Bucharest.
As a tool in promoting and developing the franchise market in those 5 years ARF managed to edit the only franchise publication in the country, to host franchise events such seminars, workshops and award galas ( From 2010 we decided to go further, to organize a franchise fair: International Franchise and Branding Exhibition (IFBE). The following edition of IFBE is between 17-18 of May 2012, at Sala Palatului in Bucharest organized in partnership with the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Business Environment
Romanian Franchise Association main jobs is to help potential franchisees recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly for what they are. Another is to help businesses involved in franchising to secure their own position amongst the “good” operators.

It was for these reasons that in 2006 the major franchising companies in the Romania decided to set up their own association, the Romanian Franchise Association to act in the interests of the industry as a whole in assessing and accrediting franchising companies as those which meet its criteria for the structure of the business, the terms of the contract between franchisor and franchisee, the testing of the system and its success as a franchise.

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