The Difference between Managers and Directors (with former CEO)

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This is another video in my weekly series called “Q&A”. I will be answering viewers’ questions on careers, job interviews, and hiring, as well as entrepreneurship, and general business questions, including “The Difference between Managers and Directors (with former CEO)” and many more. Please see the other videos in my “Get Hired” and “Q&A” playlists for more tips.
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In this video I discuss the question “The Difference between Managers and Directors (with former CEO)”, managers and directors, managers, planning, organizing, influencing, controlling, budgeting, resources, behaviours, leadership, communication, negotiation, correcting, monitoring, job listings, director, workers, supervisors, frontline managers, midlevel managers, large organization, lowest level executive manager, VP, C-level, CMO, COO, CFO, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, board of directors, chief marketing officer, owners, representing shareholders, small organization, SME, and answering your questions.


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